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Anand Upadhye is a Financial Strategist with 12+ years of experience in investing across 90 markets and a variety of products. His career in finance is enhanced by his proficiency in financial modelling, programming languages, algorithm design, content creation, and project management.

After finishing High School in India, his family moved to USA. There, he graduated from Bloomington High School, Illinois and completed Bachelor Degree in Finance from Berkley College, New York. Certifications like NISM Series XIII (13) – Common Derivatives – Equity, Currency, and Interest Rate and NISM Series VII (7) – Securities Operations and Risk Management are part of his repertoire. He is also a NISM certified Investment Advisor.

Anand is the founder of New Jersey based firm Appstoredownload DBA. His M&A work comprises of the acquisition of over 27 Mobile iOS and Android based applications worth half a Million dollars. He worked as a proprietary trader: managing a quarter Million Dollar trading account for Wall Street based WTS Proprietary Trading Group LLC. His work also involved developing Asset Pricing and Derivatives Valuation Models in C++ and Python.

His process involves precisely understanding goals and aspirations of the client, and developing a customized strategy using astute financial acumen and thorough research. Anand takes pride in using his knowledge, experience and expertise to deliver premium wealth optimization.

In his own words “I always tell my clients: ‘You can grow your wealth without me. But with me, you can go much beyond that”.

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Anand S. Upadhye

Managing Director, Lexington Advisors


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